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InnoVaTe is a tech-centric series that highlights some of Vermont’s most innovative and creative businesses.


Vermont is a state that supports a culture of innovation, generating creative thinkers and doers around every corner – and the technology realm is no exception.

We’re pleased to bring you InnoVaTe, a series that explores and celebrates Vermont’s innovator culture. It’s hosted by nationally recognized social media professional Victoria Taylor, whose engaging, personal style opens up thought-provoking conversations with some forward-thinking Vermont entrepreneurs – making invention and innovation approachable and exciting, and highlighting Vermont’s creative culture.

Through InnoVaTe, you’ll get to know some truly original Vermonters – like these folks who are pushing high-tech in new directions and putting Vermont business and creativity on the map.

Victoria Taylor has hosted more than 2,000 "Ask Me Anything" interviews on during her time as the site's director of communications. Now at WeWork, Victoria has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the 10 top professionals under age 35 who are helping shift the digital, cultural and business landscape.

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New episodes




Changing how humans and robotics relate to one another, this progressive company based in Richmond, Vermont is honing technology that allows sophisticated interfacing between man and machine.

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On the cutting edge of data analytics, this Vermont electric company has developed a sophisticated system of weather prediction.

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John Churchman

The power of social media and crowdfunding have helped make artist and photographer John Churchman’s adorable animals like Sweetpea the Sheep a shining example of how to engage an audience, get published and make one’s dreams come true.

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With the popular saying "sitting is the new smoking," it’s widely accepted that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to many health problems. As a solution, UVM professor and inventor Dr. Turner Olser presents his innovative chair, the QOR360, which utilizes a unique shape to promote“active sitting.”

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The future of efficient homes, VERMOD’s goal is to create modular housing units built in Vermont that combine beauty and functionality rolled into a cost-effective package that appreciates in value over time.

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Changing the world through video games, this revolutionary company with Marguerite Dibble at the helm uses video games and game concepts to help support clients seeking to educate or enact social and behavioral change through the dynamics of gaming.

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James Kochalka

James Kochalka is Vermont’s first Cartoon Laureate and is shaping popular culture through art, music and video games.

To learn more about James follow him on Twitter @the_kochalka

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Previous episodes



SeedSheets - produces a ready-to-plant prefab garden kit complete with organic seeds and soil.

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Logic Supply

Logic Supply - whose cutting-edge technology is bringing hi-tech advancements to a diverse array of industries.

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ThinkMD - whose revolutionary platform for sharing medical information is expanding global access to healthcare.

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Yonder - a new social media app that allows recreation enthusiasts to connect, share and meet up.

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Generator - Burlington’s new maker-space where art and innovative technology meet in a vibrant community.

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Vermont Tech Jam


Vermont Tech Jam - a synergistic Vermont job fair and technology conference that gathers together the state’s leading technological innovators.

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Vermont PBS launched a new web site at on Sep 1, 2017.
The site you are on now exists temporarily for migration purposes.