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Amy and David Goodman

Fran Stoddard talks with Amy and David Goodman. Amy is an internationally acclaimed journalist and host of the syndicated news program Democracy Now. Her brother David, who lives in Waitsfield, Vt., is also a journalist and the author of seven books.
  • Ethan Murrow
  • Fareed Zakaria
  • Jay Parini
  • Janet McKenzie
  • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  • Harry Bliss
  • Ruth Stone
  • Craig Mitchell
  • Big Joe Burrell
  • Special: William H. Macy
  • Howard Frank Mosher
  • Gary Kowalski
  • Jon Turner
  • Anais Mitchell
  • Mary Holland
  • Jean Charest
  • David Sanger
  • John Abele
  • Alec Webb And Megan Camp
  • Howard Coffin
  • Samir Sumaida'ie
  • Gary Hirshberg
  • Tom Stearns & Pete Johnson
  • Wanda Hines